Smart Fabric Dress Shirt Company Mizzen+Main Release Best Commercial Of 2017

Mizzen + Main Dress Shirts

Mizzen+Main is a smart fabric dress shirt company seeking to destroy the cotton industry. Well, that isn’t their actual goal, their aim is to do away with uncomfortable shirts in the workplace.

Over the past several years, Mizzen+Main have amassed an army of professional athletes who represent the brand. J.J. Watt wears Mizzen+Main. Jake Arietta dons the shirts. Mark Cuban even wore a Mizzen button down to the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night.

Things are going incredibly well for this upstart brand at the moment, and they just got a lot better. Mizzen+Main released their first full-length ad and it’s a genuine winner. This spot is reminiscent of the early ads which propelled the Dollar Shave Club into the mainstream.

This new TV spot for Mizzen and Main is feeding off the millennial usage of ‘AF’ in conversation. They are promoting these non-cotton dress shirts as ‘Comfortable AF’. They are sending potential customers to the website which redirects to the company’s ‘About Us’ page.

If you aren’t yet familiar with the Mizzen and Main brand I can assure you every bit of the hype is real. These incredibly comfortable dress shirts do away with all of the annoying aspects of cotton. They are wrinkle free and never need to be ironed. The dress shirts can be washed at home in your washing machine.

Mizzen + Main Dress Shirts

Mizzen + Main Dress Shirts

Mizzen and Main shirts are built from a modern smart fabric. The fabric is breathable, stretchable, and it is moisture wicking. If you have ever been uncomfortable in your dress shirts at the office then these shirts were built for you.

You can peruse Mizzen+Main’s full collection of smart fabric dress shirts over on their website.


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