Teachers and Parents: The Mobile Phone Jail Cell Might Be Your New Best Friend

It’s easy to see many younger people have a hard time putting down their cell phones. This can be especially annoying for teachers, parents, or anyone else trying to make a connection with a teenager. Constantly asking for someones attention to be directed away from their phone can grow tiresome. All this can now go away with this Mobile Phone Jail Cell Prison Lock Up.

Become a Cell Phone Prison Warden

With this fun and humorous way to keep kids off their phones, you can be the warden and hold the power. There is no use in arguing with a 15 year old over their phone when you know they’ll be back on it as soon as you look away. This leads to both parties becoming frustrated with each other without ever solving the problem. Instead of this, just ask for the phone, open the cell door, and lock it up. Safe and sound. This 7″ by 6″ by 5″ cell comes equipped with a functioning door, padlock, and two keys. This small cell certainly makes the most of its space too.

On the bottom of the jail cell is a slotted piece that holds up to 6 phones in place. Whether you need one on your desk in your classroom, or on top of the coffee table at home, this prison cell is ready to make these phones serve their time. While many will still be reluctant to give up their precious devices, it’ll be much easier to get over and laugh off when you see the phone locked up in a mini jail.

There is no sense in bickering and fighting for the attention of your teen with this Mobile Phone Jail Cell Prison Lock Up. Being able to make the situation a bit more light-hearted and funny will make it easier to pry out of young and restless hands. And who knows, maybe after seeing their phones serving some time behind bars, they will reform and learn to interact without screens. Buy Here


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