Moccmaster KGB Coffee Brewer Is The Rolls Royce Of Coffee Machines

Coffee Gifts For Men Moccamaster KGB Coffee Machine

The Moccamaster KGB Coffee Brewer is built for people who are passionate about drinking great coffee. It’s hard to justify buying a 10-cup coffee brewer these days when pod systems are so convenient, but the Moccamaster is absolutely worth it. Buy Here

So what are the major selling points of the Moccamaster KGB? For starters, this brilliant coffee machine is handmade in The Netherlands, a country which prides itself on great coffee. The KGB will keep coffee heated at a recommended temperature between 196 to 205 degrees, and it will do so for up to 100 minutes. This far exceeds the normal amount of time a coffee temperature will keep the pot heated.

Moccamaster KGB Coffee Machine

The Moccamaster cooks 10 full cups in 6 short minutes using all BPA-free plastic, and it comes in 14 different color styles. The dual-phase hot-plate has an auto-shutoff feature which powers down after 100 minutes so that you never burn the house down.

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