The 2017 Moke Beach Buggy Is An Electric Throwback To The 1960s

No summer spent at the beach should be without a cool ride. Whether it is a Jeep Wrangler, restored Ford Bronco or this Moke Beach Buggy, you need a bitchin’ ride to cruise around in.

This Beach Buggy, from Moke America, has a retro, 1960s look and feel to it. It comes in an electric version or a traditional gas version. However, the while the gas version is rumored to be able to hit top speeds of 65 mph, the electric version is said to top out at 25mph. That makes it a glorifed golf cart. So unless you’re dead set on saving the earth, maybe you should buy the gas.

The interior of this ride features weatherproof seats, power steering, safety rollbars, and the option for an upgraded sound system.

The company is currently taking down-payments to reserve one of their beach buggies, which will be shipped at some point this summer. Buy: $15,950

Moke Beach Buggy

Moke Beach Buggy

Moke Beach Buggy Moke Beach Buggy

Moke Beach BuggyMoke Beach Buggy

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