Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut Makes Its Debut in the U.S.

Gin is one of the most diverse categories of liquor. There’s no shortage of brands and distilleries and more are introduced every year. If you love gin and tonic, you’ve probably had the tried and true gin favorites like Beefeater and Bombay Sapphire. While brands like those are more well known, there are some that are set apart from the rest. Monkey 47 is one such gin, consisting of 47 different botanicals, including angelica root, bramble leaves, and lingonberries, all sourced from the Black Forest. The gin also uses juniper berries from the Mediterranean Sea. Each ingredient in a Monkey 47 gin is carefully chosen to complement the rest. This range is unmatched, giving your taste buds a wonderful journey of flavors.

Bountiful in flavor and complexity

U.S. gin lovers are in for a nice treat for the holidays. Monkey 47 has released a limited batch of Distiller’s Cut for the first time in the country. The German distillery and cult favorite has never been available in the States. Stock up on Monkey 47’s award-winning Distiller’s Cut. Every fall, the distillery tries to look for a 48th botanical to join their robust profile of flavors in their signature gin. This special release is known as the Distiller’s Cut. The 48th botanical this year is Myristicae arillus, which is the seed covering of nutmeg, more commonly known as nutmeg mace. The ingredient is known for its bitter taste and distinct aroma, giving this year’s edition of the Distiller’s Cut an even more unique flavor. 

Monkey 47 gin has a standard ABV of 47 percent, which makes it a great base for any complex drink. Think cocktails or classics like a gin fizz or gin and tonic. The complexities of the Distiller’s Cut and its special release make this cult favorite a must-have for any gin or liquor lover. Learn More


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