The Mono Cabin By Drop Structures Lets You Have A Cabin In The Heart Of Nature

We all have a favorite place we love to visit. A place where we find peace, relaxation, and good times with the ones we love. Unfortunately for many of us, that place is somewhere remote. Whether it’s in the woods, by the lake, or in the mountains, it’s nearly impossible to think about building a home there. Until now. Drop Structures gives you a small, sleek unit that can be placed almost anywhere there is flat ground: The Mono.

The Mono is a cabin on-demand. It measures in at almost 9ft wide x 12ft long x 12 feet high. It also features a 4 foot deck on the font. This makes its total footprint of livable space just 106 sq/ft. Why the odd size? To avoid the need for building permits. In both Canada and the United States, as long as your property is under 107 (or 120 for the US) sq/ft, you don’t need additional building permits. This means you can put The Mono on any piece of land you can buy.

Inside, you’ll find awesome birch walls, beautiful black leather flooring, and dazzling paneled glass walls on the front and back. The Mono is insulated for all four seasons, and includes a heater for the winter. Not to mention, there are plenty of customization options like a loft bed, bunk beds, or an AC unit. If you’re looking to live in that special place, without the need for building permits, and in comfortable style then The Mono is for you. Buy Here


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