Satisfy Your Travel Bug at Home With Monopoly World Edition

There are many things we’re missing during our collective COVID-19 lockdown. Most of these were things we took for granted, like people, restaurants, haircuts, our general safety, and of course, travel. When those Throwback Thursdays hit, looking back at last year’s vacations get us extra itchy with the travel bug. While it doesn’t look like there will be too many summer trips this year, we’re still finding ways to keep cultured and traveled. 

When your binge sessions of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown are over and you’re done fantasizing about all your post-pandemic trips, it’s time for another lockdown activity to tide you over. It’s the tried and true lockdown activity when the power’s out or when we’re battling a pandemic: board games. There’s a few classics we know and love and nothing gets the group riled up like good ol’ Monopoly. While there are many different themed Monopoly boards, it’s always a rare and expensive find to have one in 3

Exclusive pieces and incredible artistry

Feast your eyes on the limited-edition Monopoly board with 3D layered art by Charles Fazzino. Fazzino is one of the most popular and highly-collected pop artists of all the time. He has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. His 3D style of artwork is unique and he has works exhibited in museums and galleries all over the world. Instead of the classic Atlantic City locations, the Monopoly World Edition features cities around the globe. Each city space is vibrant with color and detail. The board is set into a black frame with tempered glass for protection and also includes a matching parts box for the game pieces.

Monopoly World Edition is limited with only 2,000 units produced. Each board is signed and numbered by Fazzino and adorned with crystals. The six game tokens are designed by Fazzino and are made of diecast metal. They are the Cruise Ship, Private Jet, Blimp, Statue of Liberty, London Taxi Cab, and Heart. The game also has exclusive Monopoly Title Deeds, Chance and Community Chest cards, and money designed by Fazzino, as well as painted wood houses and hotels. This is not your ordinary Monopoly and with its limited run and intricate design, you can expect a hefty price tag too. Buy Here

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