Moon Pod Leaves You Feeling Weightless In Ideal Body Posture

Okay, if you’re like us, the name “Moon Pod” probably drew you in. Now that you’re here, let us assure you that the Moon Pod does not disappoint. On first glance, the Moon Pod may not seem as high tech as you were thinking. In fact, it looks an awful lot like a giant bean bag. But, don’t worry, the technology is on the inside. And it is awesome.

The Moon Pod is designed to distribute upward support to your body and replicate a feeling of weightlessness. Hence, the spacey name. It truly does give you a feeling of zero-gravity. It cradles your entire body into a comfortable, static state. This scientifically provides stress relief and unrivaled relaxation. Not good enough? Keep reading.

Moon Pod is a blend of unique materials that encapsulates thousands of high-friction EPS beads. Don’t ask us what EPS beads are, just know that they are the most comfortable thing you’ll ever lay on. They react to every inch and ever contour of your body. This mimics the weightless sensation of flotation therapy. Therapies involving weightlessness have been shown to help people who suffer from insomnia, stress, anxiety, PTSD, back pain, and ADHD.

You can use the Moon Pod in a variety of positions. First, you can lay flat outstretched. Second, you can comfortably lean back at a 135-degree angle, shown to be the biomechanical best for your posture. You can use the Moon Pod for your bedroom, playing video games, in the office, or as a chair to relax in the living room. Buy Here


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