MoonRun Portable Cardio Trainer Is An All-Encompassing Workout Machine

It can be hard to incorporate both a running workout and a resistance training workout into one super workout. If you’re anything like me it can be hard to carry the motivation through one session into another. With the MoonRun Portable Cardio Trainer you can get a total body workout without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

High Tech Rules

Home gym equipment is not unique in the fact that it too is trying to stay on the cutting edge. With mirrors you can mount to your wall with personal trainers in them, to apps that keep track of everything, home workout gear isn’t shy on tech.

The MoonRun Portable Cardio Trainer is no slouch. When you strap into the device, sensors capture your running form and it projects an avatar onto the screen. You can then watch it move through virtual running apps as you work out. That may make MoonRun Portable Cardio Trainer sound big and bulky, but on the contrary it is a portable device.

The equipment is so lightweight (four pounds to be exact) that it isn’t a work out to set up or tear down. The set-up time takes less than 10 minutes and the company says there is no learning curve to start bouncing around.

Total Body Lightness

MoonRun Portable Cardio Trainer was invented by a physical therapist who wanted to help you get the most out of your workout. Running can be really hard on the joints which limits the number of people enjoying its many benefits.

The MoonRun Portable Cardio Trainer has armbands that help to lower the impact on the lower body, allowing a more diverse population to discover the joy of running. Hence the name MoonRun, you’ll feel lightweight and bouncy when working out with this device.

The bands act as a two for one special by also giving the arms more resistance and allowing you the opportunity to tone both your legs and arms in one workout. Buy here

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