Get 8 Full Charges With The Mophie Powerstation External Battery

Mophie Powerstation External Battery

With the Mophie Powerstation external battery your phone will never die again. This portable battery holds 8 charges to keep you juiced up. This device comes in several sizes, but the 15,000 mAh battery will provide you with 8x your normal battery life. Buy It Now

Spending a couple of bucks on a battery might seem like a lot of money for a device you’re not overly familiar with. Well, I can tell you firsthand that I use my Mophie Powerstation more than 99.999% of the things in my house. This powerful external battery provides me with all the juice I need while traveling. Forget your charger? No problem when you’ve got the Mophie Powerstation with you.

Mophie Powerstation External Battery

It has been several years since I last traveled without an external battery. Our lives are so closely linked to our smartphones. The ability to connect with the world, access our sensitive data and social media, this all depends on having a phone with a charged battery.

The Powerstation is only 7.24 inches long and weighs an incredibly light 13.6 ounces. It is small and light enough to fit into your pocket with ease. There are integrated LED lights on the side to indicate how much juice the battery is carrying. Dual output mode will allow you to charge TWO devices at once. Buy It Now

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