$90K Ugly Christmas Sweater Is The Most Expensive In The World

world's most expensive ugly christmas sweater

This is the world’s most expensive ugly Christmas sweater. With a price tag of $90k, this ugly Christmas sweater made by luxury jeweler Avianne & Co. is on a whole new level. In this clip from GQ we get to see rapper 2 Chainz take this jewel-encrusted ugly Christmas sweater for its maiden voyage.

Forbes estimates that rapper 2 Chainz has a net worth of around $2 million. So you’ll have to excuse me for questioning why a man worth only $2 million can afford a $90K sweater. This ugly Christmas sweater accounts for nearly 5% of his total net worth. And there’s no way that 2 Chainz is so fiscally irresponsible that he’s willing to throw away that much of his money on an ugly Christmas sweater.

world's most expensive ugly christmas sweater

Which brings me to my next point: 2 Chainz and later auctioned off this sweater and gave the proceeds to the TRU Foundation. So it is possible this entire endeavor was a publicity stunt masquerading as a charitable donation.

world's most expensive ugly christmas sweater

According to the jeweler, there’s 14-karat gold littered throughout the sweater and there are almost 70 karats of diamonds. When you account for all of those jewels this is, without question, the world’s most expensive ugly Christmas sweater.

I also think it’s safe to say that we’ve reached peak interest in the ugly Christmas sweater craze now that rappers are throwing $90k down at luxury jewelers. I’ll be shocked if we ever see an Ugly Christmas sweater that retails for more than this.

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