Moto Parilla: Italian E-Bikes of The Future

Italians have a knack for design. From their cars to their clothes, they know how to design a thing or two. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that when the Italian company Moto Parilla set out to create a bike, they designed it unlike anything else out there. This e-bike not only is the best thing for any trail, path, or street, but it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Style and Performance Unlike Anything Else

The first thing I thought when looking at this incredible machine (which I’m sure many of you can agree with) is that it looks amazing, but also very complicated. This very bike made an appearance at the Taipei Show, and apparently many others found its look captivating as well. It received the highest amount of photos and made the most screen time. Though this look might appear to be complex, they managed to keep it simple enough to work practically. Each of the parts on the frame is made from a single mold, meaning that this bike is made from fewer parts than you might expect. Because there aren’t too many pieces, it works well and is very reliable. With its release came 4 unique and different versions.

The Limited Edition (130 models), and Anniversary Edition (15 models) are more special collector’s items. However, Mimetica and Customizable Ultra versions are easier to get your hands on; and easier to get riding. These E-Bikes are a new but growing market, this one, in particular, is something I could really see sticking around and becoming quite the popular and in-demand item.

The Moto Parilla E-Bike is one of the few that are leading this wave of futuristic bikes. Whether you’re looking for a limited production model to collect or something you can take out to the trails and ride hard, there is a model for you. Buy Here


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