‘Moto-Pong’ Just Brought The Game Of Beer Pong Into The Future

Moto-Pong Motorized Beer Pong

It’s amazing how an idea can trickle into an invention, and from there the world as we know it can be changed forever. That’s exactly what has happened with the launch of ‘Moto-Pong’ on KickStarter because this amazing invention is about to change the game of Beer Pong (or Beirut) as we know it forever. Moto-Pong only just launched on KickStarter and it has a LONG way to go before this vision becomes a reality, but I think you all will believe in this vision of the future once you check it out:

Moto-Pong Motorized Beer Pong


Here’s what the team behind Moto-Pong’s KickStarter has to say about their product:

The heart of the Moto-pong system begins with our custom robots. You hear that? ROBOTS. These beauties will attract more babes than a swimming pool of Axe body spray. Although they might look like your average motorized vacuum cleaner, they are far from it. You think that wimpy little house vacuum has what it takes to get blasted by ping pong balls for FIVE hours straight? THINK AGAIN! Funny enough, these pieces of art don’t function as a vacuum at all, so don’t count on their help when you’re cleaning up the Cheetos mashed into your buddy’s boat carpet. Moto-Pong robots are custom designed to our specifications, for your beer pong needs. These things are light weight, aerodynamic, and awesome. With their wide stance, and low center of gravity, you will never have to worry about the unit tipping or spilling. Each robot has ledge and wall sensors, so they can be used on ANY flat surface (even glass), or an area with a raised ledge (i.e. pool table) with ease. Beware of cheap vacuum cleaner knock offs that will NOT work on glass, or even in direct sunlight. We really have cleared every obstacle in making this the best party game yet.

So, if you’re ready to be a part of history as we see the game of Beer Pong change forever then you can CLICK HERE to become a backer of the Moto-Pong KickStarter!


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