Meet MOTUS The World’s First SMART Robot Cameraman For Your Phone


Without human intervention, most tripods are good for capturing one kind of photo or video. And that is the kind of photo or video where you don’t move from one spot. But with Motus, the world’s first SMART robot cameraman, you don’t need humans. You just need to set it up and it will follow your every move.

Just look at this thing in action. It is truly amazing and it turns a two-man operation into a one-man show. Buy: $299

motus motus

motus smart robot cameraman

It is amazing to think those videos were made without the help of a human cameraman. What’s next? Cars that drive themselves. Oh, wait.

What makes MOTUS smart?

MOTUS doesn’t just point the camera in your direction. It’s a professional grade system for recording, training and coaching.

  • Auto zoom – keeps you at the size you want in frame
  • Auto pickup – returns to designated position if subject is out of range
  • Perfect focus – keeps you in focus while tracking and zooming
  • Silent motors – fast, brushless motors keep up with the action
  • Silky smooth pan & tilt – jitter free filming
  • Captures directly to your phone’s video library – easy playback for review & sharing
  • Captures photos & bursts while recording video
  • Charges your phone
  • Locates you 50x a second
  • TAG contains advanced sensors for g-force, speed, and orientation
  • Use TAG metrics as triggers – start/stop recording, capture photo bursts, enable slow motion, etc.
  • Record video for hours, hands free
Here is a video detailing how Motus works.

Head on over to Motus’ Kickstarter for more information on this truly innovative product.

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