The Mountain Refuge Is a Modern Update to the Traditional Cabin

When we think of cabins in the woods or mountains, images of rickety old log cabins that have a 90% probability of being haunted come to mind. But today’s cabins have come a long way from that. Italian architects Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi have designed The Mountain Refuge, a tiny home in Milan, Italy. It’s their contemporary take on the old traditional mountain cabin. It’s less of a log cabin and more of minimalist home with sleek lines and edges. The Refuge is inspired by the human need to connect with nature, history, and origin. The tiny home measures at just 258 square feet and makes the perfect cozy sanctuary away from everything and everyone.

A customizable tiny solace

The Refuge has a prefabricated, customizable wood construction, which allows for plenty of freedom to configure and expand as you like. Each module works as an independent structure. The structure gives you the creativity to customize your perfect floor plan and adjusts to your tastes and needs. It also comes with optional add-ons, such as an additional 129-square-foot module that expands your square footage to 387. You can also add equipment such as heating, water, and electricity. The Refuge’s design is a mix of traditional and contemporary. It has a rustic wooden interior and natural log furniture. The exterior is coated in bold black pine tar for waterproofing and a classic look. All finishes are made with plywood. The single glass panel at the front of the cabin brings in plenty of natural light and amazing views. 

One of the attractive features of the Mountain Refuge is how it’s delivered. A helicopter delivers it to remote locations that could otherwise be difficult to access for a tiny home. The cabin doesn’t need foundation work or poured concrete. However, the designers do recommend a thin concrete slab depending on where you set your cabin. It is otherwise ready to go. Depending on the plan and location, construction price for a furnished and mounted Mountain Refuge cabin is estimated to vary from $40-50k. Buy Here