The Mous Limitless iPhone Case Can Survive A 45-Foot Drop

Mous Limitless iPhone Case

The moment when your iPhone accidentally leaves your grasp and falls to the ground is an anxious one. You stand there helplessly watching your most prized possession plummet to the ground. Is the screen going to crack or will it be alright? You don’t know. And unless you have the Mous Limitless iPhone case, you will never know. Because unlike other iPhone cases, the Mous Limitless can survive not only a 3-foot fall, but it can keep your phone safe up from falls up to 45-feet.

You may never meet an iPhone case as tough as the Mous Limitless. The operative feature of these cases is Airo Shock, an advanced smart material that has been engineered to actively dissipate impact, significantly dampening the effect on your phone. Every case has a raised front lip to help prevent the screen from hitting the ground, all while adding only 2mm to the thickness of your phone. It even includes a free mount and high-quality screen protector to keep your phone supremely flexible as well as supremely tough. Buy Now

Mous iPhone Case


  • Offers military-grade protection in authentic materials
  • Airo Shock technology absorbs tremendous amounts of impact without adding any bulk
  • Can withstand impact from up to 45 feet
  • Adds only 2mm of thickness to your phone

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Mous iPhone Case

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