Mr. Jones Last Laugh Tattoo Watch is Artistic Mortality

Nothing says “getting the last laugh” like living life to the fullest—all the way to the grave! From renowned watchmaker Mr. Jones Watches, you can now “seize the day” with their “Last Laugh Tattoo” timepiece.

This intricate watch features a maniacally pleased skull drawing by British artist Adrian Willard. Inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead festival, you’ll not only keep track of time, but also your mortality. It might seem like a grim reminder, but believe it or not it’s all about optimism: remember that life is brief—time flies, so take advantage!

You might be surprised to learn that this watch—with all its mortal themes—is actually powered by your living body’s movement. Yes: the Last Laugh Tattoo timepiece is “recharged” by your motion while wearing it, thanks to its 20 jewel automatic mechanical movement. It’s almost like….poetry!

Stare into the watch’s laughing jaws where the time is displayed—there are no clock hands. Instead, the current hour is found on the skull’s yellowed teeth, spinning by with each passing second. The decaying maw is fitting with the Day of the Dead festival theme where sugary skull candies are handed out to the
living—and the deceased.

Layers of bright, contrasting colors reflect the artist’s bold style, which syncs perfectly with Mr. Jones Watches’ mission statement: be original! The Last Laugh Tattoo watch is a bold way to tell what time it is—and how much of it you’ve got left! Buy $273

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All images courtesy of Mr. Jones Watches