Learn To Be A Better Neighbor With The King Of Neighborhoods Mr. Rogers

Chances are, you either watched or have heard of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. If not, you should take a minute to look it up. Through his work with the wildly popular children’s TV show, Fred Rogers has left a lasting impact on the lives of millions of children. This New York Times bestseller is the first documentary on this American Icon. Whether you need to learn to be a better neighbor or just have questions about the world, we highly recommend this read.

Fred Rogers was truly an impactful figure on television and in real life over his 75 years. The Good Neighbor: The Life And Work Of Fred Rogers gives readers a glimpse into his magnificent life. Over the years, he solidified himself as a unique, caring professional and artist. His show empowered millions of children to ask questions about the world and explore what they can accomplish. Though we aren’t children, all of us could use a bit of this childhood inspiration from time to time. Just ask Kid President.

This full-length biography draws on original interviews, oral histories and archived documents to piece together the life of Mr. Rogers. Author Maxwell King does a masterful job of bringing his life together. This makes for a cohesive, engaging read that is full of detail. Get your hands on a copy of this today and get an up-close look at the life of a beloved figure in television history for multiple generations. Buy Here


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