Muse Headband Lets You Embrace Your Inner Zen

All of us could use a little more zen these days. Although there are plenty of ways to find peace and tranquility, few are as effective as the Muse Headband. It syncs up with your brainwaves during sleep to ensure that you get high-quality rest every night.

It’s also perfect for daily mindfulness sessions when you’re awake that help you refocus and recenter. Meditation might be an ancient art, but with Muse, it is made better thanks to modern technology.

High-Tech Meditation

The Muse Headband is a research-grade device that monitors your brainwaves. Once you strap it on, the EEG monitor starts tracking how your brain works and responds. To get the full effectiveness of Muse, you connect it to a pair of headphones.

Then, the headband analyzes your brainwaves and plays guided sounds to help keep your mind calm. This results in better sleep throughout the night. During the day, it allows you to achieve better focus and clarity.

Muse offers more than 500 guided meditation sessions through its app. Whether you’re looking to find a moment of calm before bed, on your lunch break, or first thing in the morning, there is something for you.

Since the Muse Headband tracks your brain activity, it is always working to deliver the best quality meditation and mindfulness content.

There are two different models of the headband. Which one you should choose depends on how you want to use it. The “2” version is ideal for those who want to monitor their brainwaves during daytime mindfulness sessions. The “S” model is perfect for daily sessions but is also designed to be more comfortable for overnight wear.

If you’re ready to find inner calm and achieve better rest, look no further than the Muse Headband. Buy here

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