My Arcade’s Retro Champ Is the Latest Portable NES/ Famicom Console

Retro is never not in. It’s a whole cycle. Whether it’s TV and movie remakes, fashion, music samples, cars, or gaming, what’s old always comes back in style. The gaming industry has been on this retro train for a while and it hasn’t been slowing down. My Arcade’s Retro Champ is a portable game console that lets you play NES and Famicom. This may not be something new in the industry, but it is one of the first systems that allows real cartridges to be played. So you can hit up that garage sale or thrift shop and maybe snag an old Galaga or Donkey Kong cartridge!

Premium features and accessories

One of the Retro Champ’s big selling features is the built-in full color, 7” display. Due to its compact size, you can bring the system anywhere—it’s perfect for flights or road trips! You can play on the go or veg out for a whole day of gaming on the couch. Fire up that 75” and connect Retro Champ via HDMI for an awesome gaming experience. You can also toggle between two aspect ratios, the classic 4:3 and the widescreen 16:9. A built-in rear kickstand makes it easy to play in desktop mode and adjust the angle for optimal viewing.

Two Super GamePad wireless controllers are included with the premium bundle so you can play co-op or solo. A 12-foot HDMI cable is included in the bundle as well. The Retro Champ features a discrete, built-in cleaning kit to keep those dusty old cartridges clean and in tip-top shape. It’s retractable and includes cotton swabs and a vial that you can fill with any cleaning solution. No more blowing on cartridges and hoping for the best! The Retro Champ is powered by built-in rechargeable batteries. When fully charged, you can have between 3-5 hours of nonstop playtime. If you’re looking to play some classics, the Retro Champ is a must-have! Buy Here

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