Your Very Own Home Hibachi With the My Hibachi BBQ Table Set

Nothing is quite like going out to a Hibachi restaurant. With the chefs crafting their delicious works of food art right in front of you and all your friends, it’s an experience that is hard to beat. But what if you could have that experience whenever you want in your very own home? The My Hibachi BBQ Set is the all-inclusive set for you to have Hibachi BBQ nights at your place whenever you crave some delicious entertainment. Whether you’re the cook, or just the hungry spectator waiting for their meal, this set caters to all.

Hibachi BBQ Set Takes Grilling Out to Another Level

Grilling out is always fun, but with this set, it is taking the fun to a new level. This set comes with a full sized propane grill. The grill has a 27″ by 20″ flat top griddle, a 26″ by 19″ BBQ rack, and a 17″ by 12″ iron stove top. For the cook of the family this a dream set up. The meals you can prepare are seemingly endless. And what better way to prepare these meals than in front of your family and friends? This set has a wooden table on three corners with 4 seats (holding up to 300 pounds) so your guests can sit right in front of you to watch the cooking action up close in personal, just as it should be. You’ll never have to cook alone again, and the company will surely be coming back with a set up as impressive as this.

Cooking out is always a blast, but your house will be the new hot spot with this Hibachi BBQ Set. From the cooks to the ones only here for the food, everyone benefits from this amazing grill set up. Bringing company over for dinner will never be the same after you get this Hibachi set. Buy Here

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