Bring on the Creepy Vibes With Myard Skull Logs

Nothing says summer like s’mores and scary stories over a campfire. What’s scarier than being out in the the woods at night whispering about an axe murderer? Maybe seeing his victims’ skulls burning away in your campfire. Yeah, that’ll do it. Hand painted with great attention to detail and weighing approximately 10-12 lbs, the Myard skull logs look and feel that legit. Each skull log is custom, so no two are alike in size, weight or design. Made of steel reinforced, high heat refractory cement, the logs are extremely durable, and can be reused multiple times. They are fire resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 3000℉.

The logs come in various colorways, including black, brown, dark grey and off-white. These paint jobs won’t last too long. Soot accumulation over time gives the skulls a more genuine, darkened look. The upper skull comes separate from the jaw piece. As you’re burning the log and the two separate, it just adds to the natural factor.

For ultimate badassery and zero subtlety, buy a dozen and have your fire pit or fireplace look totally savage. These skulls are great conversation starters unless your guests are scrambling for the exit. At least you’ll have twelve new friends to talk to in their place. Buy Here

myard fire skulls

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