MYZOO Spaceship Makes Your Cat An Astronaut

We all know how much our cats love to be in unusual places. Whether that’s on top of the fridge, the back of the couch, or in the laundry basket, they are always right where you need to be. The MYZOO spaceship gives your cat the opportunity to be in a crazy place, but out of the way.

The nifty part about this product is that it benefits both you and your furry friend. You can mount it on the wall anywhere you would like, allowing you to have some control of your cat. We all know that was an oxymoron. It also has a viewing window, so you can still have your cat stare deep into your soul even when it is “hiding”. The best part is depending on where you hang the spaceship you can still pet your cat while it’s inside. Forcing your cat to let you love it. Sounds like an all-around win to me.

Now, if you want to hear how the spaceship also benefits your cat and not just you stay tuned. Much thought and time went into the design of the spaceship by cat lovers like you. The acrylic globe on the front allows a wide view for your cat. That way they are able to see all of their surroundings. There are four air holes allowing for circulation, so our little friend doesn’t get too stuffy in there. Although, we all know the cat will like the box the spaceship came in much more. Finally, the capsule is designed to limit echoing, so your kitty friend doesn’t get frightened.

As if having a product name like MYZOO Spaceship was not cool enough it also comes in three different styles and sizes. Alpha is in the shape of a capsule allowing a larger area for that cat. These are most popular in pet stores. Next is Beta which is literally the shape of a spaceship. Wall art or cat bed? The company says this is suitable for an environment with little space. Pun intended? The last type is called Gamma. Gamma is the one that can mount on the wall. So, I guess the real question is how much do you want to spoil your cat? Because all three are pretty cool. I guess you could always get another furball. If I really have to…

This space voyager comes in a variety of colors to match any earthly home. It also has the option of a right or left opening to accommodate any environment. If you want to see more for yourself MYZOO offers many other types of cat furniture. Your friends and neighbors won’t know if its cat furniture or just another piece of modern art. On MYZOO’s website you can explore the many combinations of the different products and turn your home into your cat’s playground. We all know that’s what it already is. Buy Here

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