Every Bottle Of Naked Turtle White Rum Helps Save A Baby Sea Turtle

Naked Turtle White Rum

Naked Turtle White Rum is the latest and greatest spirit to get into the conservation game. The timing of this brand’s announcement coincides with Sea Turtle Month (June). Their mission is clear and one we can all support. For every bottle of Naked Turtle White Rum sold a donation will be made to The Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC).

It is estimated that only 1 in every 1,000 baby sea turtles makes it to adulthood. Some baby sea turtles die before they ever even reach the water. Others make it into the surf just in time to get eaten by pelicans or sharks. The life of a baby sea turtle is treacherous. To ease the plight of the baby sea turtle you can join in the fight and drink some rum.

Naked Turtle White Rum

I cannot think of any better way to support conservation efforts than to get drunk on rum. Rum is the traditional drink of sailors. Naked Turtle White Rum has been around since 2012 and is here to stay. To date, they have sold 234,000 bottles of Naked Turtle White Rum. They have a goal of selling 500,000 bottles. That would translate to exactly 500,000 baby sea turtles saved. It is estimated that a donation of $1 can save 2 endangered sea turtles. Tiny donations can truly go a long way.

Unlike a typical white rum, the Naked Sea Turtle White Rum is ‘naked’ aged. Meaning that it never touches the inside of an oak barrel while aging. This leads to an impeccably smooth finish.

A bottle of Naked Turtle White Rum can be purchased online for $22. Or, if you’d prefer to shop locally you can look up the nearest retailer here.

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