Native Mercury LiteKnit Are Air-Light Sneakers From The Future

Sure, Marty McFly might have some dope, self-lacing shoes. If that’s what the future of sneakers looks like though, then count me out. Those look like they weigh about 5 pounds each. I like Native’s idea of what the future of shoes is: light as air.

These incredible sneakers utilize futuristic LiteKnit fibers for a durable, stretchy, and light shoe. The toe of the shoe is a 3D elastic web of the fibers that allows your toes to breath and stretch. Where normal shoes box your feet in, the Mercury LiteKnits let you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

The elastic collar of the shoe makes it easy to slip on and off without having to mess with laces. Even though Velcro shoes aren’t as cool as they were when you were four, you can still have all the perks. Except for the lights. Maybe they’ll include lights in the Mercury 2.0?

To add some grip and stability, the shoe features two small rubber patches on the sole. It has tan rubber at the toe and a patch at the heel for optimal traction. A shock absorbing EVA foam midsole and outsole keeps pressure off your joints, and a perforated superfoam bed lets your feet ventilate and stay cool.

These shoes are not your normal shoes. From the materials they are made from to their thoughtful design, they are above and beyond an average pair of sneakers. The future is calling… it wants its shoes back. Buy Here

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