Make Your Nerf Arsenal Even More Awesome With This Guide

Nerf Blasters have long been a staple part of many childhoods since the 1980s. The beloved pastime isn’t limited to youths—Nerf is for all ages! It’s also not just for your backyard or living room anymore. Workplaces have been the grounds of many Nerf wars and its popularity is only growing. A YouTube phenomenon of DIYers have spurred a Nerf Renaissance and to keep your foam arsenal at its best, you need help from Luke Goodman. The Nerf Blaster Modification Guide by Goodman has all you need to create cooler and more effective Nerf Blasters. Goodman is a popular YouTuber, known for his channel “Out of Darts”. His passion for building, tinkering, and learning how things work makes this guide a very useful addition to your arsenal.

From safety tips to step-by-step mod instructions, this guide will increase the range, projectile speed, and firing capacity of your blasters. You’ll learn about the basics of Nerf’s two main propulsion systems, like the springers, and also how to utilize 3D printing for your mods. The guide includes sci-fi, history, and steampunk-inspired paint jobs and mods. The instructions are easy to follow and include studio photography so you’ll never be confused. With this guide, your Nerf Blasters will not only perform better, but they’ll look even more awesome! Buy Here


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