The Nerf Rival Atlas Blaster Gun Unleashes Its Rounds At 70 MPH

Nerf Rival Atlas Blaster

When you find yourself in a heated Nerf war, you better come equipped. And there is no better way to do that than being armed with the Nerf Rival Atlas Blaster, a Nerf gun that shoots multiple rounds at once at a break-neck speed of 70 MPH. The gun, which is available in blue or red, also comes with a 12-round magazine and 24 rounds of “bullets.” Right now is a great time to pick this up too, because the gun is on sale. Buy It Now

Oh, and should you require more rounds than the Atlas Blaster comes with, you can pick up a bag of 110 extra rounds for relatively cheap or you can upgrade and get the Nerf Rival Artemis, a gun that holds 30 rounds but fires at half the velocity of the Nerf Rival Atlas Blaster. 

See the Nerf Rival Atlas Blaster in action…

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