Nest Rooftop Pop-Up Tent

There’s nothing quite like taking a spontaneous camping trip after a hike or catching some waves. Still, wouldn’t it be better if you could sleep out under the stars than in your car? It definitely would. So, now you can sleep spontaneously outdoors in style. This rooftop car tent is everything you need to crash for the night anywhere.

The Nest Pop-Up Tent was inspired by the materials used to make sailboats. It begins with two lightweight aluminum frames covered with waterproof sailboat fabric. Yes, literally the same thing they make sailboats with. You can comfortably sleep two people in the tent side by side as well as being perfect for going up right on top of your car, no matter what type of vehicle you drive. The tent is secured to your car via a luggage rack.

Climb into your pop-up tent with the convenient ladder that can be stored under the sleeping surface. This light, aerodynamic tent doesn’t hurt your gas mileage and is a great spot to store some more gear when it is closed. You’ll love the convenience of having this tent ready at a moment’s notice. Just unfold it, lock it into place, and enjoy a comfortable night. We recommend that you use this in fair weather as the sides are open. Because of this, the Nest is a great way to sleep out in nature without being boxed into a stuffy tent. Learn More


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