The New Balance RunIQ Is A Smartwatch Made For Runners By Runners

New Balance RunIQ

If you’re a runner and you haven’t caught onto the smart watch craze yet, then allow me to introduce you to the smart watch you’ve been waiting for. The New Balance RunIQ, a smart watch designed specifically with runners in mind.

The New Balance Run IQ is perfect for running because it untethers your from your phone. The innovative smart device allows you to leave your phone behind while still being able to track your run data and listen to music. Along with those features, the NB RunIQ also monitors your heart rate and even lets you receive and reply to notifications from your phone. And when you’re done ripping the road apart, the RunIQ seamlessly syncs with Strava (a social network for athletes) allowing to you to share your workout with a runners around the worldBuy Here

New Balance RunIQ

See the New Balance RunIQ in action

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