New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Sweatshirt Sneakers

Sneakers New Balance

Sneakers. We love them. We may not be the sneakerheads who need to buy every shoe that drops, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take our collections seriously. In the age of athleisure, your shoe game kind of has to be on point. From casual classics sneakers like the Air Max 90s to performance running shoes, you can spend a lot of money to have a diverse collection. That is why today we’re featuring the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Sweatshirt sneakers, a shoe that we think marries performance and style. They are perfect for a run or everyday wear.

The New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Sweatshirt’s feature sweatshirt-like material on the forefoot and breathable mesh throughout. The midsole is made from New Balance’s Fresh Foam material, which they claim provides a more natural and plush feel in your stride. The sneakers come in four very versatile colors: grey, navy, black and burgundy. Buy $119

Sneakers New Balance Sneakers New Balance Sneakers New Balance Sneakers New Balance

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