The New EarthRoamer LTi Lets You Explore Without Limits

There’s nothing more liberating than hitting the road and taking in the gift of Mother Nature. But sometimes Mother Nature can throw you curveballs. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, and EarthRoamer vehicles are some of the toughest in the business. EarthRoamers have taken on hundreds of thousands of miles on harsh conditions, so you know you’ll be hitting the road with safety, durability, and adventure in mind. EarthRoamer’s inception came from founder Bill Swails’ dream in 1998 to build an expedition vehicle that was tough, but comfortable. He needed something that would allow him to travel to remote areas so that he could pursue his passion for wildlife photography.

A more advanced EarthRoamer

The new EarthRoamer LTi takes the already mighty brand and lineup to a whole new level. It takes the best qualities of the LTS and HD, and also introduces new concepts. The LTi features an all carbon fiber body that’s stronger and lighter than any traditional RV or overland camper. It’s designed to handle even more challenges on the road by using new advanced materials and technologies. The LTi is built on the Ford Super Duty F-550 chassis and also features a lithium-ion battery. These advancements, in addition to the carbon fiber vacuum-infused camper, cuts the weight of the LTi by more than 1,000 pounds compared to the current EarthRoamer LTS. It’s the most advanced EarthRoamer ever built!

The LTi also features bunk side windows, raised ceiling height, increased water storage, and a redesigned hot water system. Frameless, flush-mount glass windows give the vehicle a sleek look. It’s self sufficient, has a massive rooftop solar array, and does not need propane or a noisy generator. Another great perk of the LTi is its full height bathroom with a shower and cassette toilet. The vehicle built custom to order in Colorado with multiple floor plans available with options for seating, sleeping, the kitchen, and more. Pricing starts at $590,000 and a well-equipped LTi will generally come out to around $650,000-$700,000. Learn More


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