Have the Best Date Ever Over NYC

Netflix and chill’s all good, but what do you do when you want to step up your game? Whether you’re going the extra mile and planning a proposal or just feeling adventurous, a scenic helicopter tour screams awesome. Take date night to the next level with this unforgettable private 30-minute helicopter tour over NYC. Wings Air Helicopters will take you and that lucky guest on a stunning tour with views of Central Park and the iconic Manhattan Skyline. If you love New York already, there’s nothing like seeing it from a bird’s eye view. King Kong had to scale the Empire State Building to get such dope views. You just need to climb into the comfort and style of a helicopter. Helicopters are climate-controlled and each passenger will have noise-cancelling BOSE headsets.

Based out of Westchester County Airport, Wings Air was founded by former investment banker Javier Diaz in 2002. The company sees flying as a passion, not merely business, and strive to stand above the rest. Stunning aerial views, a romantic and exciting outing and no traffic! What can possibly make this trip even better? Well, a solid plus is that this experience benefits The American National Red Cross! Buy Here


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