Nexus Bell Shows Us The Future Is Now

Flying cars? Yeah, it’s a cool idea, but that’s not realistic. That won’t happen for another 50 years- at least. Right?! Nope. Nexus Bell doesn’t think so. They have designed a prototype flying transportation vehicle. This proves all those things we consider futuristic and far fetched really aren’t that far away.

Practical? User-Friendly? Ready For The Masses? Yes, yes, yes.

Your head may still be spinning just thinking about flying cars becoming a reality, but buckle up. Not only are they nearly here, but when they come, they’re coming for the masses. These aren’t designed to be ultra-expensive pieces of technology for the upper-est of the upper class. These air transportation vehicles are coming so that everyone can comfortably and safely travel by flight. They are designed to fit 5 very comfortably and have user-friendly controls so that anyone of driving age can take the wheel (if it has one…) and control it just like a car. As crazy as it sounds, it makes perfect sense. We only have so much space on the earth’s surface, if transportation was more common in the sky then traffic would be virtually nonexistent. It almost seems like the logical next step in mass travel.

While there are still many questions to be answered and steps to be taken before air travel truly becomes possible for the masses, Nexus Bell is moving in the right direction. At some point in time, every piece of technology sounded far fetched and outlandish. Now it is flying cars, yesterday it was mobile phones, and before that, it was the horseless automobile. Without people pushing forward and climbing all the obstacles that stand between us in the future, none of these things would be possible. This is exactly why we should all thank companies like Nexus Bell for existing. With flying cars potentially only being a handful of years away, it begs the question: what’s next? Whatever it is, I’m sure Nexus Bell will be doing their part. Learn More

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