The Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Set Is Perfect for Your Home Gym

As we’re spending more time at home and forgoing going to the gym or group classes, home workouts have become the norm. Gym equipment is in high demand lately and you gotta be quick to snag even simple things like dumbbells.

Unless you have a spare room or garage space, you probably only have a little bit of room to set up your home gym. Sometimes all you need is some dumbbells and a bench. That will get you through a good amount of workouts and get you going.

With a small space, adjustable dumbbells are no brainers and there are many iterations in the market. But a combination of dumbbells and barbells? Nice C, an outdoors and fitness equipment company, is bringing the two gym must-haves into one with an adjustable set. 

Work your way up in weight

The 2-in-1 dumbbell barbell set is in a bumblebee color scheme of black and bright yellow. Each dumbbell’s weight can be adjusted from 0.6 lb to 33 lb. Each dumbbell bar weighs 0.6 lb, the minimal weight. The barbell can be adjusted from 1.1 lb to 66 lb.

The set comes with twelve weight plates: four 4.4 lb, four 5.5 lb, and four 6 lb. Adjust as needed for your level and exercises. The connecting bar lets you easily adjust from dumbbells to a barbell in seconds. 

The bars and dumbbells feature slip-resistant neoprene for additional grip and safety and a worry-free workout. The curved shape of the handlebar helps in fall resistance and improves your coordination and decreases the risk of  muscle atrophy.

The set will strengthen and shape your whole body and help you work on your endurance and health. Sometimes dumbbells are all you need for a little more challenge to a home workout. It’s a great 2-in-1 set for a budget home gym no matter what level fitness you’re at. Save space and get sweating with this awesome adjustable weight set. Buy Here