Nightingale Premium Smart Home Sleep System Helps You Catch All The Z’s

Falling asleep can be hard sometimes. Maybe the ticking clock distracts you, or the neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking. Regardless of what nighttime noises are keeping you awake, masking them can make it easier to sleep.

That’s where the Nightingale comes in. It is the world’s first smart home system that is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster. The unit plugs into any outlet and then provides soft, ambient sounds to mask the disruptive noises. One of the primary sound features is called a sound blanket. These evenly distribute around the room as ambient, airflow-like sounds. Or, you can choose from favorites like rainfall, crickets, and more. The sound blankets are optimized based on room type and your sleep conditions to make for the best night possible.

Along with soothing sounds, you’ll enjoy 5 calming LED light colors that create a relaxing vibe in the room when you’re ready to sleep.

Since Nightingale is a smart home device, you can easily control it with the technology you already have. It integrates seamlessly with your smartphone via the IOS or Android app, with your Google Home, or with your Amazon Alexa.

In addition, you won’t lose access to your outlets. Although the Nightingale plugs in to both of the wall outlet spaces, it has two of its own built in. The unit blends right in with the wall and is extremely easy to set up and use.

Finally, the Nightingale is the perfect travel buddy to help you get to and stay asleep. Since it connects to your smartphone to function via Bluetooth, all you have to do is plug it in to enjoy a peaceful night’s rest no matter where you are. Buy Here

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