Nike Benassi JDI Fanny Pack Slides Let You Carry Stuff In Your Shoes

Did Nike just make the fanny pack cool again? They might have. Well, sort of. We here at The Daily Want do not suggest that you wear a real fanny pack in any situation at any time. However, these shoes are pretty sick so you should definitely grab a pair.

We’ve all been in the situation where you need to carry a few small things but don’t have a pocket. Maybe you’re going swimming or maybe your pockets are already full. With these shoes on, you’ll always have a pocket handy. Or, footy?

The sole of this slide is what you’d expect in a Nike Benassi. It is soft, plush, and lightweight. You can wear these all day and not be uncomfortable. The strap is what makes this shoe noteworthy. Its design is inspired by a fanny pack. A small zipper pocket on top of it lets you carry around a few small essentials, right there on your shoe. The pocket is great for storing keys, some cash, even your phone.

The brand-new slides come in three colors currently. Black and grey, black and pink, and green and teal. Not only are these slides practical, they’re stylish. Just be ready to answer questions when the cashier watches you pull cash out of your shoe. No worries though, since you aren’t wearing a real fanny pack you won’t get made fun of. What could be more hipster than a fanny pack built into your shoe though? Buy Here

Images Courtesy of Nike

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