Nike Golf: Safari Bred Golf Shoes

Nike and Jordan are one of the most recognizable brands in all of the sneaker industry. While they may have made their name on the track or basketball court, they are leaving their mark around the golf course too. Nike and Jordan have released their Safari Bred golf shoe pack, and they are going to be without a doubt the hottest golf wear on the course.

Staples of The Brand In a New Sport

Nike and Jordan are distinct brands with certain traits that make them unique as well as easily recognizable. While the Nike golf shoes are typically more plain in style, they are making things much more interesting. Most golf shoes are a simple color. Functional, but without a whole lot of form. These shoes have a whole lot of both. For starters, every shoe but one features Nikes safari pattern.

The dark gray with black specs is a distinctly Nike and brings their street and basketball shoe style into golf. These shoes also bring another one of the brands stylistic traits. The red and black color scheme is a staple of the Jordan brand. Coming from the Chicago Bulls color scheme on the very first Jordan sneakers, the colors are still the most common among Jordans today. In this new golf pack, the colors are the same. The red and black scheme paired with the safari print makes these items unmistakably Nike.

Most golf shoes are fairly plain. With basic style, shape, and colors they don’t bring much fun to the table. If there’s one thing Nike and Jordan do (besides making a great shoe), it’s make fun and good looking shoes. The Nike and Jordan Golf ‘Safari Bred’ Pack has all the form and function you’d expect from the top manufacturer. Like they’ve done in so many other sports, they are changing the shoe for the game of golf. Learn More


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