Nike Joyride: Keeping Runners On Their Feet Longer

You get back to your room after a long day, your back is tired, your legs sore, and your feet are throbbing. You slowly slip off your shoes, toss them to the side, and lie down in bed, hoping when the sunlight comes tomorrow to wake you, you can stay off your feet all day. We’ve all had days like this, and people with an active lifestyle can probably relate to this on a weekly or even daily basis. Nike knows this too well and is combatting your aching feet with their Joyride and special ball cushioning tech.

New Age Cushioning Technology

Nike is changing the shoe game with the new Joyride running shoe. They use thousands (over 10,000 to be precise) of little tiny beads to fill in the areas of the shoe where your feet have the hardest impact. They have taken many measurements of different peoples footprints and foot shapes to make sure each bead is carefully placed to best help soften the blow. When compared to some of Nikes other most popular shoes, the Joyride provides nearly 15% more absorption.

Not only does it keep your feet and joints from getting as tired and worn out, but it also gives you a little extra spring in each step. Every time your foot hits the grounds all the beads tightly compress, then as you lift your foot and stride forward they quickly expand again to help propel you forward.

Now imagine this, you get back to your room after another long day. You were on your feet all day at work, hit the gym after, and finished it all off with a long run. You stretch out a little before bed, but this time you feel ready to take on any amount of running, jumping, or stomping tomorrow might have in store. Because you wore the Nike Joyride. Buy Here

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