Nike KOBE AD NXT: Basketball Shoes Built For Highlight Worthy Play

When athletes make it big, it’s no surprise to see shoe deals emerge. However, not many athletes have had long-lasting shoe deals that live on through many iterations and models. The types of shoe deals where a whole sneaker is designed around the intricate and specialized style of play that the athlete has. Kobe Bryant is definitely one of these special players, and his newest shoe is built to handle the most exciting and aggressive play. While the Kobe’s of the past have been good, this one has the performance to truly live up to the name and legacy of the Black Mamba.

Comfort, Agility, and SPEED

There are certain things this new shoe does well that nearly all basketball shoes do. It’s comfortable- if you’re going to playing and practicing in a shoe day in and day out, it has to be something you feel comfortable spending a lot of time in. It’s agile- all sports are full of quick and tight movement, basketball potentially having more of these movements than any. The shoe has to be strong enough to support your foot and ankle in these movements, but light enough to cut and pivot at lightning speed. Speaking of lightning speed, that’s the KOBE AD NXT’s party piece.

Anyone who has seen Kobe play knows that he’s a human highlight reel. Everything he does is quicker and more exciting than the other guys. A big part of this electrifying play comes from his sheer speed and acceleration. Whether it’s the way he gets down the court of the speed he can cut and dribble, this shoe was built to handle all of it.

On the surface this new sneaker is nice. It looks great, has a nice shape, and just feels like a safe thing to lace up in- you can’t go wrong with Nike. However, the deeper you look into the Nike KOBE AD NXT, the more you’ll see that this sneaker embodies everything he was as a player. And I can’t think of any higher praise a basketball shoe could possibly receive. Learn More


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