Nike’s Throwback Style: Blazer Mid ’77 ‘City Pride’

Nike’s newest sneaker is the perfect fit for those looking to show their Chicago pride as well as pay homage to classic baseball style. The new Blazer Mid ’77 ‘City Pride’ shoe uses subtle styling and colors to do all this in a simple and cool sneaker.

Meaning Behind The Sneaker

Chicago is undeniably one of the greatest baseball cities in America. White Sox or Cubs, the city holds home to two teams with some of the most passionate fans in all of professional sports. This Nike sneaker shows off the old school style this baseball city carries so deeply. For starters, the Blazer Mid shoe design has a timeless shape that can be seen in shoes from days past. The sockliner is all green, just like the inside of the bill on old baseball hats. Another feature that discretely shows the baseball theme is the stitching. Much like the seems of a baseball, the stitching is visible on the outside of the shoe from all angles. This Blazer Mid shows discrete hints of its baseball theme all throughout, all without being too in your face about it. Casual or die-hard fan, this shoe fits… well, like a shoe of course.

Chicago City Pride

As with the rest of the shoe, the Chicago theme is not too showy or obnoxious. Instead, there are very minute and precisely planned details that show the cities colors (quite literally). The colorway pays homage to not just one, but both of the great Chicago baseball teams. While the Cubs are the more obvious resemblance due to the red and blue color, the white sox are shown as well. Throughout most of the ’80s the Sox were dressed in white, red, and navy blue. True fans would instantly recognize this trio on this fresh pair of Nikes. This sneaker is perfect for the Chicago proud baseball fan, but is also understated and stylish enough to fit in with anyone- baseball fan or not.

Many shoes that represent teams or sports can be over the top. Logos, team names, or cities written out are all too obvious. The Blazer Mid ’77 Chicago Pride sneaker is subtle and cool to fit any persons shoe game just right. Buy Here


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