Nikola WAV Jet Ski Brings EV Performance to the Waves

Electric vehicles are the future, and it’s easy to see why. Efficient, torquey, and with responsive power there is a lot to admire with electric power. It’s becoming more and more common in cars and motorcycles, and now it’s coming to hit the waves. That’s right, thanks to Nikola Motor Company an all-electric powered Jet Ski is on its way, and you can bet it’ll be just as incredible as they say.

The WAV is Ready for the Waves

This new Nikola WAV Jet Ski is going to be something special. Jet skis are tons of fun as is, with a lot of power or a little bit of it, nearly everyone is left smiling. However, when given the choice I’m sure we can all agree more power is better. And I happily applaud any company that takes effort to make a more powerful, torquey, and responsive vehicle. This new jet ski is going to be just that. For those who aren’t aware, electric motors are all three of these things. A normal combustion engine needs to be revved out to higher RPM’s to accelerate hard and make all its power.

Electric motors don’t work this way, when you pull the throttle down all the way, you get all the power, no if’s and’s or but’s. This not only means they are typically much faster than their combustion counterparts, but much more responsive and easy to use. What this means is that however far you pull the throttle, you get that much power. Half throttle is half power, which isn’t always the case in normal engines if the RPM’s are too low or very high.

This combined with a surprising amount of storage, an incredible display, and even head and tail lights, this jet ski is in a class of its own.

All this means the Nikola WAV will be lots of fun. Whether you’re a seasoned and experienced rider of the waves or just a casual lake/ocean go-er, this jet ski will exceed your expectations. Learn More

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