Someone Got A Stolen Nintendo Switch And Posted A Video Of Its UI

nintendo switch leak

The Nintendo Switch is still a week or so from its release date (3/3//2017), but NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot somehow got his hands on a stolen Switch unit and decided to post a video of the system’s user interface on the Internet.

nintendo switch leak

According to a statement from Nintendo made to IGN, here is how the Nintendo Switch leak happened:

Earlier this week, individuals claimed to prematurely purchase a small number of Nintendo Switch systems from an unspecified retailer. Nintendo has determined these units were stolen in an isolated incident by employees of a U.S. distributor, with one system being illegally resold. The individuals involved have been identified, terminated from their place of employment and are under investigation by local law enforcement authorities on criminal charges.

You would think that Nintendo would do their best to wipe the Internet of this incident and video, but interestingly enough, the video still exists. That is probably because people are praising the user interface and that won’t be bad for sales.

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