Feel Like A Monster In This Nissan GT-R Offroad “Godzilla 2.0”

Sometimes, an already special car just isn’t special enough. Leave it to custom auto modders to fix that. Nissan’s GT-R is a pretty unique car without any modifications. With them, it morphs into this “Godzilla 2.0” Offroad edition.

Redesigned by Classic Youngtimers Consultancy, this car has looks to kill and offroad performance to match it. Although you won’t be knocking down buildings, you can definitely crush the restrictions of driving on paved roads.

Ready For Anything

This upgraded Nissan GT-R is ready to roll on either city streets or unpaved terrain. It boasts a 3.8-liter 6-cylinder engine that produces 600+ hp. That makes it ready to devour the competition—whether it’s on the road or off of it.

Meanwhile, it was given a fresh suspension that adds 12 centimeters of extra space between the car floor and the underground. Complimented by a set of huge offroad tires, this car is ready to leave the pavement in the dust.

Thanks to modified wheel arches and custom mudguards, this Nissan GT-R has a very unique look. The team behind the modifications says that the changes were so extreme that this car could now be a military vehicle.

Perhaps that explains the camouflage wrap on the body. It’s a perfect match for the car’s frame and performance.

Like all off-road vehicles, this Nissan is equipped with a spare tire. It rests on top of the car like something you’d see in a zombie movie. The custom roof rack makes it feel like the spare belongs there.

Meanwhile, there is also a major LED light bar on the roof and a set of LED offroad lights on the front bumper. You’ll never lose sight of the terrain ahead, even if the moon is shrouded in clouds. Learn More