The New Nissan Z Proto Pays Homage To Its Predecessors

If patience is a virtue, then Nissan fans may as well be monks. After 12 years, the next-generation Nissan Z is finally on its way. The Japanese manufacturer took their sweet time, but the Nissan Z Proto was revealed in late September to huge fanfare. The event at the Nissan Pavillion in Yokohama, Japan was live streamed around the world. Nissan presented their plan from prototype to production to the excitement of many. According to Nissan’s boss Makoto Uchida, the Proto is “close to final” so what you see is basically the production version.

Each version of the Z had an engine more powerful than the previous generation. This new Z features an enhanced twin-turbocharged V6 engine with a six-speed manual transmission. The Z Proto sits on 19-inch tires with 255-width rubber in front and 285 width at the rear. The tires feature white lettering that read “Nissan Z.” The car has a coat of bright-yellow pearlescent paint that’s just the right amount of flashy. 

A little bit of history in the newness

While there are changes both inside and out, car enthusiasts and Nissan lovers in particular will see some familiar history in the design of the new Z. Alfonso Albaisa, the head of Nissan Design, said that in designing the Z Proto, it was decided that the car “should travel between the decades, including the future.”

The last Z was in 2008 with the Nissan 370Z, which was 12 years ago. More than a decade of work has brought together many elements from the car’s previous six generations. The scooped out, teardrop-shaped LED headlights are homages to the original 240Z units. Speaking of lights, looking at the rear, the Proto Z has Tylenol pill-looking tail lights. These are similar to those first seen on the Z32-generation 300ZX. The Z Proto also has a roofline that flows from the nose to tail, reminiscent of the unique profile of a Z-car. The rear edge is slightly lower than the front fender. A stylized “Z” logo is a familiar badge on the C-pillar that has been found on many past models. The Proto Z’s yellow paint job? It’s strikingly similar to the available colors for the original 240Z and 300ZX. Buy Here

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