‘Nobody Likes A Cockblock’ Is The Ultimate Father-Son Bedtime Story

nobody likes a cockblock excerpt

Nobody Likes a Cockblock has been out since April, but I have to be honest, I had no idea what it was about. Let me rephrase that: I thought I knew exactly what it was about and apparently I was dead wrong. I assumed it was a father telling his young son not to be a cockblock when he got older. Nope.

Today, I read the below excerpt and it turns out the book is just a father’s lecture to his young son that, under no circumstance, should he dare cockblock him while he’s trying to take mommy to the bone zone.

Nobody Likes a Cockblock excerpt:

The stars are out, it’s dark outside.

I can see that there’s sleep inside of your eyes.


Stay warm in your bed, on our door do not knock.

Because nobody likes a cockblock.


The train’s leaving the station, it’s about to go down.

My ticket is stamped for a trip to Pound Town.


Your job is to sleep like the heaviest rock.

Because nobody likes a cockblock.


I love mommy so much.

She’s my favorite cutie.

Tonight I would like a piece of that bootie.


Don’t ask for milk or help with your sock,

because nobody likes a cockblock.


That is still a decent message to send to a young boy, albeit a dangerous one. I can see it now… “I loved my parents, but they burned to death because their door was closed and a few years ago daddy told me to never be cockblock. At least he died doing what he loved: boning mommy and ignoring his son.”

Could you imagined if the above scenario ever played out because of this book? Now, that would be a hell of a story.

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