Nomad Kitchen, Made For No Man’s Land

Nomad Kitchen is a kitchen made to be placed into the back of your vehicle and pulled out. It almost like a pop-up camper, only it is all the kitchen space you could ever wish for on your trip.

Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean you have to eat like you are roughing it. Now, if roughing it was not the idea you had in mind for the Nomad kitchen, that is okay.

It will make you the envy of your tailgating friends and foes, as well as making festivals a little less…grungy.

But, What Is It?

The Nomad Kitchen could potentially have more counter space than your apartment. There is plenty of room on this pull-out counter for cooking, prepping, and maybe even some drinking.

The hardy construction of the Nomad Kitchen makes it perfect to keep up with whatever you throw at it. Good things can come in small packages because the Nomad Kitchen fits in most vehicles.

You can pack up and take the kitchen out in minutes with no tools required. Although it doesn’t come with a stove it fits almost all regular sized camping stoves. That means you’ll be able to enjoy hot meals wherever your journey takes you.

All That And The Kitchen Sink (Literally)

The slide tracks of Nomad Kitchen are built to support 200 pounds and the unit itself comes in two colors, unfinished and black. The drawers also lock to keep out bears, children, or significant others.

You get a stainless-steel washbasin that’s perfect for doing dishes. Nomad Kitchen also features a bamboo cutting board for easy food prep. Beneath both of those accessories, you have hooks for hanging dish towels, spice racks, or utensils. You also have plenty of under counter storage and a drying rack for your dishes.

There is no time to waste when it comes to finding your perfect outdoor cooking space. Look no further than Nomad Kitchen. Buy Here

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