Noori Is the Coolest All-In-One Stove You’ll Ever Use

We’re all too familiar with those days when it’s tough to decide what to eat. Do I want pizza or steak? Maybe a burger? Or ribs! What about stir fry? As the wheel of indecision spins, you only get hungrier. If you’re not feeling like Grubhub and want to get your hands dirty and cook outside, options may be limited to your grill. As advanced and drool-inducing grills can be, there’s definitely an opportunity to step up outdoor cooking. Enter Noori, the modular grill, stove, pizza oven, and fire pit. It’s an all-in-one cooker that can satisfy all your cravings! 

Four ways to cook and entertain

The modular design of Noori gives you four ways to cook and entertain:

  1. Rocket Stove: You can use Noori as a permaculture vertical stove to cook over wood fires. In this mode, cook in pans, pots, casseroles, or other stovetop dishes. 
  2. BBQ Grill: Hot dogs, burgers, and ribs, oh my! Wood, charcoal, or a combination of both can be used to sear and smoke your grub on a grate. Noori comes with an enamelled lid with a built-in temperature gauge to enhance your smoky flavors.
  3. Pizza Oven: When you’re craving that pie, Noori can be used as a wood-fired pizza oven. It even comes with a pizza stone and can reach max temps of around 750℉.
  4. Fire Pit: Done cooking? Use wood or charcoal to create a cozy fire pit as you chow down on the fruits of your labor.

A sleek and cool design

Noori’s look is based on the traditional rocket stove design, which burns small-diameter wood fuel in a combustion chamber out through an insulated vertical chimney. The team behind Noori wanted to transport us to a “time when fire and cooking with fire was at the core of our rituals.” Noori’s curved body is made from heat-resistant refractory concrete split into two sections. The L-shaped enamelled pipe stores the fuel and directs the heat up and out. The design results in almost complete combustion before the fire hits the surface, so you’ll have the intense heat, but not the smoke of a conventional fire.

Noori can be easily moved, stored, and arranged to your preferred configuration. Its base sits on a tripod with wheels, providing mobility. Noori is no ugly duckling either, which is a major plus. This is definitely something you’d want to show off. The stove is available in Stone and Volcano, two neutral colors that will go well with any outdoor space. Buy Here

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