Science and Design Come Together to Create the Ultimate Whiskey Glass

If whiskey’s your vice, whether it’s Jack or Beam, an old fashioned or whiskey sour, your favorite drink deserves to be toasted in a glass as refined as your tastes. Forget the standard tumbler or drinking from the bottle—elevate your drinking experience with glassware that complements the rich and complex flavors of whiskey. You’ll be one step closer to achieving true whiskey connoisseur status with the VAILD Edition of the celebrated Norlan Whisky Glass. Sure, they’re amazingly sleek and just oozes class, but the VAILD is so much more than just looks. This limited edition is designed to enhance your whiskey’s aroma and give it a more expressive taste. Sound like dark magic? Nope, it’s just science.

The science in design

The VALID features a hybrid design crossed between a tumbler and nosing glass. Norlan’s design stems from researching these two common glassware options and its advantages and disadvantages. A tumbler is most likely used by the casual drinker and is the more common choice. Nosing glasses, which have a stemmed tulip-shaped design, concentrate the aromas. Due to its shape, nosing glasses cut the drinker off from their surroundings, making the enjoyment of whiskey a more intimate experience. Tumblers are better for social situations, but the wide opening of the glass diffuses the aromas too widely, resulting in faded and flattened aromas. Norlan’s solution was to create an entirely new whiskey glass for ultimate flavor.

The glass aerates better than any other glass, so more ethanol evaporates and there’s less water dilution. When your whiskey is swirled around the glass, it forms a standing wave shape due to the specially designed inner bowl protrusions. These inner walls close as they rise and then flare out again. Surface-to-air ratio and the rate of oxidation is increased, resulting in richer aromas and more expressive flavors. The glasses are designed to focus and diffuse the aromatics to the nose and mouth, revealing hidden flavors.

Keep it classy

This limited edition set of two glasses features a sleek, matte black exterior finish. The outer wall is shaped to fit your hand ergonomically. It’s comfortable and also a good precautionary measure for those with butter fingers or anyone who’s enjoyed one too many. A matte black exterior sounds like a magnet for fingerprints, but the faceted base gives you a fingerprint-free grip, keeping your glasses looking sharp. The glass is made with hand-blown borosilicate glass and features a double-walled design. It’s modern and lightweight, weighing only 125 g. A concave lip is formed to fit the lower lip elegantly. The glass is designed so you can inhale and drink your whiskey without tilting your head back too deeply, a common issue nosing glasses often have.

Take care of the glasses and they’ll take care of you. Don’t use whiskey stones or ice, which can damage the inner walls. Refrain from dragging the base against any rough surfaces to keep the outer finish fresh—using coasters would help! The glasses should be hand washed using a mild detergent and non-abrasive cloth. They are not microwave or oven safe.

The set is packaged in an elegant tube and also comes with a microfiber polishing cloth to keep it spiffy. At $58 for a set of two, the VAILD is worth it for all the hidden aromas the glasses will reveal. It’s the perfect gift for any whiskey aficionado, whether it’s for yourself or someone else. Buy Here


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