Get Rid Of Those Pesky Nose Hairs With Nose Wax

Oh, hey there, grandpa! Wait, you’re not grandpa? Sorry, we couldn’t tell. The bush of scraggly nose hairs sticking an inch out of your nostrils had us confused.

Seriously guys, nose hair is gross. We get it, guys are hairy. You won’t see us complaining about chest hair, leg hair, beards, or even eyebrows. After all, that’s what your girlfriend/wife is for. Right? But one thing we will complain about is your nasty nose hairs sticking out.

Quite honestly, there is no hair grosser than a nose hair. If I found one on a toilet seat in the bathroom I’d move to another stall. If I found someone else’s on my sink, I’d move out. If I see yours sticking out in public (yes, your nose hairs) I’ll walk to the other side of the street.

Banish Those Things

Fortunately, getting rid of your nose hair is a piece of cake. Thanks to Nose Wax, it is quick, simple, and just a little painful. We could say it was painless, but we wouldn’t lie to you like that.

Scissors, trimmers, or tweezers are all ineffective ways to remove nose hair. Some hurt, some pull, and some could make you cut the inside of your nose. How are you supposed to pick it if you have a gash inside from trying to use scissors?

Nope, the best method of removing your nose hair is the Nose Wax removal kit. You can use it on your own, won’t spend a fortune, and will be very grateful. So will everyone that looks at you.

Lansley Nose Wax is made with all-natural ingredients including beeswax and Aloe extracts. This nifty DIY nose hair removal kit helps you remove that hair in seconds from the comfort of home. It also lasts for a whole month. It is safe to use with relatively little pain and no other side effects.

How It Works

Nose Wax removal kit is specially designed to safely target and remove the nose hair near the edge of the nostril. These are the ones that stick out and are noticeable. First, you’ll need to heat the Nose Wax in the microwave using the included melting pot. Then, pick up the safestick applicator and apply a thin layer of wax inside each nostril.

If you’ve got a killer stache going, then pause. You’ll want to put on one of the awesome facial hair protectors first. This will keep your moustache safe from any accidental waxing. It also looks cool.

After letting the wax and applicator cool in your nose, quickly pull it out in one swift movement. If you think picking a booger is satisfying, wait until you try this. Don’t lie, we know you do it.

That’s all there is to it. With regular use, nose hair growth is progressively slowed down. Even with occasional use, you’ll be left looking better and feeling more confident for weeks.


So, if you’re walking around like an idiot with nose hairs sticking out, get yourself some Nose Wax and take care of the problem. Unless you’re actually a grandpa. In which case, you’ve earned those horrible nose whiskers and may bear them with honor. Buy Here


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