NoSweat Liners Keep You Dry and Comfortable

What’s the most annoying part of your pursuit of fitness? Is it the bro hogging the squat rack or when you forget to charge your AirPods? Maybe it’s that one guy in your pick-up bball game team that just doesn’t understand teamwork. Whatever your deal is, whether it’s at the gym or on the court, the common enemy is sweat. Yep, it’s all fun and games until you can’t see through the lake that’s pouring into your eyes. Caps can help, but now your sweat’s soaking into your favorite Supreme gear. The stains, the odor, the dampness. That’s enough to make you miss that shot (just blame the sweat).

Trusted by the pros

NoSweat’s mission is to change the way the world sweats. While cotton headbands do great at absorbing moisture, they also retain it. Nobody wants a damp piece of fabric on their forehead when they’re shooting hoops or running a marathon. It’s just so uncomfortable. Headbands also don’t fit well under helmets, so you’d opt for a skull cap. Yes, they wick away sweat off the head, but since there’s nowhere for it to go, it just ends up down your face. For everyday use, caps and hats barely hold in the sweat and get ruined easily. The solution is NoSweat’s adhesive liners!

NoSweat has tested their liners across multiple markets and with different sports. The New York Rangers in the NHL were one of the first to use these gems. There are now 27 teams who regularly line their helmets with NoSweat. Other markets like PGA, Nascar, F1, Motocross, MLB, the military, police, and construction workers also wear NoSweat. They’re trusted by the pros, including Professional Golfer Stewart Cink of PGA Tour and Scott Langley of Tour. Stanley Cup Champ T. J. Oshie and Superbowl Champ Golden Tate also have high praises for NoSweat.

Stay fresh with NoSweat!

The liners fit all sorts of headwear, from caps and visors to helmets and hard hats. They work on bucket hats, sun hats, straw hats, and many other types as well. Probably even on those ridiculous cheesehead hats! The liners are designed with patented Sweat-Lock Technology for the ultimate cap protection. They instantly wick away sweat and lock it into the fabric to keep you dry and comfortable. Keep the sweat out of your eyes and your vision clear! The liners are thin, soft, lightweight, and breathable. You won’t even feel it! They’re made of hypoallergenic materials to help prevent acne and skin irritation and the No Scent Technology reduces odors. You wouldn’t need to worry about gross sweat stains either. Your headwear will be protected thanks to NoSweat. The liners are disposable too so you can always keep it extra fresh. They’re easy to use and install in seconds: peel it and simply stick it on the front or back of your headwear.

NoSweat liners are the perfect stocking stuffers for everyone on your list. They also come in several pack sizes, so you can even buy a set for your whole team, whether it’s football or Fortnite. Buy Here


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